Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy

Since the reorganization in autumn, 2010, the Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy Department of Beijing Johan has handled eight auctions with impressive highlights respectively with the support of both domestic and foreign collectors and all the staff.

Adhering to the professional philosophy of “being academic and thematic”, the Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy Department aims to help buyers through professional screening and packing to study and find works of their favorite schools or painters or some certain types in complicated painting and calligraphy markets, and display the feature of orderly handing down of the lots through arrangements of “same source” or “same recipient” to make up the shortfalls of the works in some publications or records. For example, the thematic auction named as “Noble Descendant in West Hill, Confucian Tradition of the Recluse ---- Painting and Calligraphy Literature Auction to Mark the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Passing of Mr. Fu Xinshe” of the 2013 Autumn Auction was dominated by the 66 items and ended with the gross transaction volume of 22,881,550 RMB, of which the trade volume ratio reached up to 96.97%. In the thematic auction named as “Obey Providence ---- Imperial Mandates in Qing Dynasty”, all the 31 lots were auctioned off with the gross transaction volume of 6,126,050 RMB.

What’s more, the individual lots auctioned over the years also achieved good results and ranged from ancient times to contemporary era.

Abiding strictly by the corporate philosophy of integrity and honesty, the Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy Department endeavors to build a young and professional team to progress steadily. We have established collecting branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan and regularly sent professional teams throughout the country to collect painting and calligraphy works including works and letters of famous figures and contemporary ink paintings which are orderly handed down with clear sources. We aim to provide collectors with a trading platform characterized by openness, impartiality and fairness and services of high quality, personalization and reassurance.