Licensed by China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce and State Administration for Cultural Heritage, Beijing Johan Auction Co., Ltd. is a professional artwork auction house with auction qualification of the first-grade cultural relics. With a strong sense of responsibility, and a commitment to integrity, Johan Auction has been acting honestly and ethically complying with the law, providing customers with top-notch items and professional service. Our auction business covers Chinese paintings and calligraphy, porcelain crafts, oil paintings and sculptures, etc. We handle regular artwork auctions in every spring and autumn. In 2009, we took the lead in offering the thematic auction of Chinese ancient damaged treasures named as “Still Precious” which won wide recognition and praise among insiders and collectors.

Chinese paintings and calligraphy have always been the focus of domestic collection industry. Johan Auction endeavors to contribute to this field. In the 2010 Autumn Auction, our company offered the album of “Wang Duo’s Calligraphy of Poetry Manuscript in Running Script” in the 66mo format which was written mainly in running script as well as regular and cursive scripts with powerful strokes, vigorous momentum and a free and natural spirit and enjoys high value in arts and historic research.

In the recent spring and autumn auctions of porcelain crafts, Johan Auction supervised and selected carefully to offer a series of important and valuable items which achieved significant effects and performance, including Tea-Dust Glaze Brush Pot Carved Kneaded Famille Ganoderma in Qianlong Period, Lavender Grey Glaze Crabapple-Shaped Flared-Rim Vase in Qianlong Period, Green Glaze on Yellow Background Bowl Carved Eight Cranes in Yongzheng Period, Two-Handle Bottle Carved Blue and White Flower Patterns in Qianlong Period, White Jade Spoon-Shaped Covered Burner Carved Taotie Design in Qianlong Period and so on.

The thematic auction “Still Precious” is a unique business of Johan Auction. The lots in the auction are damaged but still boast artistic, cultural and historic value. Till now, it has provided collectors with numerous rare damaged items with high value in collection, exhibition and research.

Adhering to the conduct philosophy of seriousness, earnest, professionalism, standardization and innovation, under the unremitting efforts of all colleagues, Johan Auction endeavors to become a high-quality auction house and contribute to all the customers and Chinese artwork auction markets sincerely.